About Me

Ines RibeiroMy name is Ines Ribeiro, i am a certified  Pastry Chef and Cake Designer,
This passion was discovered and nurtured since i moved to South Africa (Johannesburg) and could not pursue my profession as a school teacher.

I am from Porto, Portugal where all good food and wine prevail.

My blog is a “place” where I can share all my cakes i create, and some recipes when i have the time to dedicate myself to writing and not baking.

Why Chocolate Eden???

Because… I’m a chocoholic person!!
Everyone knows that the chocolate produces feelings of pleasure, promotes well being and eases the tension 🙂
I LOVE my CookBooks Collection!!
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further question about my recipes.
XOXO ***
Inês Ribeiro