Lokoum – Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a favorite all over the World, this recipe contains only the starch to set it. Original Turkish Delight should structly contain no gelatine and I use a special modified cornstarch called thin boiling starch. Which allows to be cooled to high temperature with out the cells of the starch bursting. 

Turkish Delight is a simple candy composition, generally made os sugar, gelatin, water and cornstarch. Each candy rope is cut into small squares. Though lemon and rose water are common flavorings. 

Turkish Delight may also be flavored with mint. It can contain nuts, like walnuts or pistachios, and is often coated with cornstarch and icing sugar. 

450gr Sugar
160gr Water
      Lemon juice
50gr Thin boiling starch
180gr Water
      Colours (tea extract)
      Flavor extract
In a sauce pan form a clurry with 50gr cornstarch and 180gr cold water – set this aside.
Cook the sugar, water and lemon juice to 115.C – set this aside.
Then cook out the slurry until a thick paste is formed, adding the sugar syrup in slowly to prevent any lumps form forming.
Then cook on power 1 induction for 25min, until a really thick gooey paste is formed.
Stir every couple of minutes during the cook time, the mass will really thick and stogy continue cooking.
The remove from the geat and add the colourant and the flavor.
Set immediately in a tray or between bars – allow to cool.
Onde totally cooled cu tinto portions and coat in cornstarch.
XOXO ***
Inês Ribeiro