Lightening McQueen cakes

What little boy doesn’t like Lightening McQueen or the fabulous Cars movie??? 

This is like a dream come true for most of the kids out there πŸ™‚ 

I made this diferente kinds of Lightening McQueen… 

This first one, as you can see, was my very very first McQueen… it’s a little bit “fat” but I’m sure the kid didn’t notice πŸ˜› 

This one it’s a very simple cake… I’ve iced the all cake in white buttercream icing and I add some edible pictures around the cake. 
This 2 next ones, one was made with buttercream icing and the other in fondant. 
They are very similar and must better than the first one πŸ˜› 

And that’s it! Looks harder than it really is. 
The closer attention you pay to the details, the closer he’ll come out looking like the real car!!! 
InΓͺs Ribeiro