Sugar Showpieces

   3 years ago when I was doing my pastry chef course, I’ve learn a lot about sugar showpieces. Thi was by far my most diffuclt classes. 

   No one eats a sugar showpiece. Pastry chefs will spend their careers perfecting showpieces skills for the many worldwide competitions that take place. 

   I basically complete some showpieces, so there are so pictures. 

In this technique, sugar is poured into molds. This technique produces more sturdy pieces than pulled and blown sugar, and is almost always used for the base and structural elements of showpieces. Cast sugar can also be used in many recipes such as a simplicity called cake.

Rock Sugar: 
The liquid sugar is blended with a small amount of royal icing. The heat from the sugar causes the air incorporated in the icing to rapidly expand, causing the mixture to grow to several times its original volume. The mixture is quickly poured into a lined dish, and placed into a blast chiller to set. This process produces a sugar mass with the texture of volcanic pumice, the color of which is determined by the color of the sugar syrup.
This is the result of some pieces before I built the showpiece: 

Here are some decorations pieces that are going on the 1st piece. 
Final Result: 
Here are some other showpieces that I make: 

This next one was made by me and for my always friend Brittany 🙂 
This one is very special…
Me and Miss Bones (Brittany Phillips) we complete a big showpiece and a big journey. 
This is a real fun to make 🙂 don’t be like me, burn your fingers all the time haha
Inês Ribeiro