Blancor chai tea Macaroons

   I’ve been lovin’ me some chai tea for the past few weeks. I found this chai tea that is completely unsweeted which tastes very good. 
   I had water and drink it hot or I put it on ice and drink it cool. It doesn’t need milk at all. 
   I started looking for recipes and I found which spices are mainly used: ginger, cardomon, cloves, cinnamon sticks or star anise. Various combinations of these spices can be brewed into black tea. 

   The trick of this mousse, I’ll be adding the chai tea flavours into the mousse without making the mousse too liquid. Mousse want to be thick, rich and creamy. 
   This mousse has a silky smooth texture, and can be used as a filling or as a set glass dessert with fresh fruit. 
   The gelatin is an optional addition dependent on what the end result will be. The flavour of the chai tea, presents a nice and different spiciness to the mousse, making it quite unique. 

   To go together with this mousse I thought I could use macaroons, and the final product it is just perfect 😉
Bom apetite!!! 
90gr milk 
90gr cream 
3 chai tea bags 
400gr blancor white couverture 36% 
10gr gelatin powder 
60gr water to bloom the gelatin in 
560gr cream 
   Bring to the boil milk, cream and the chai tea. Remove from the stove. 
   Off the heat, add the bloomed gelatin and stir until completely melted. 
   Strain the cream and pour over the chocolate in a mixing bowl and stir until all the chocolate is melted. 
   Allow to cool slightly. 
   Then fold in the whipped cream, please ensure that the cream is just under soft peaks and not stiff. 
Allow to set. 
XOXO ***
Inês Ribeiro