Cointreau sugar crusted liqueures

This little treat are very interesting as once alcohol and sugar have been mixed over a period of time the sugar will naturally crystallize around the liquor.
A starch box is needed for this application.
These are very similar to the famous kirsch batons made by Lindt.
200gr Water 
500gr Sugar 
75gr Cointreau (40% alc.vol)
Cook the water and the sugar to 110C.
Warm the cointreau but don’t boil. 
From one sauce pan to the next pour the syrup into the cointreau and then back again. 
Up to 6 times until all is blended well. 
Dispense into pre formed starch moulds,, sieving extra starch on top to cover the liquid well. 
Allow undisturbed to crystallize. 
XOXO ******
Inês Ribeiro