Banofee Crème Patissier

This is one of the most famous dessert in the world! A sweet and healthy dessert that everyone will surely enjoy! 
This classic crème patissier has had couverture add to it at the end, so once set gives smooth silky texture and can be used as a filling in  éclairs, cakes, tarts, etc. 

500gr milk 
125gr sugar 
25gr cornstarch 
4 yolks 
1 vanilla pod 
300gr banana puree 
300gr caramel schmeer
20gr milk (help to combine yolks, sugar & flour) 
Bring to the boil the milk and vanilla. Combine the yolks, sugar and the flours to a smooth paste. 
Pour the hot milk over the yolk mix, whilst whisking – pass through a chinoise back into the pot. 
Cook out until a smooth thick misture is achieved. 
Once cooled add the banana puree and the caramel schmeer. 
Allow to set and cool overnight. 
Enjoy 🙂 

Inês Ribeiro