Marshmallow Knots

This recipe contains no egg whites only gelatine and strong sugar syrup. 
It is quite amazing to see how from a liquid state foam is created. 
Here I pipe them with a round nozzle and once dried knot them into small thumb knots. 
40gr Gelatine Leaves 
230gr Water to bloom the gelatin in 
     Colouring and flavouring 
700gr Sugar 
100gr Honey 
100gr Glucose syrup 
150gr Water 
Cook the sugar, glucose, honey and water to 118C. 
Bloom the gelatin in the first amount of water with the colouring and flavouring – melt as is. 
Place both mixtures into a machine bowl and whisk for 13min on medium high speed. 
Until a full stiff marshmallow is formed. 
Pipe or spread immediately, then once set dust with cornstarch and shape or cut. 
XOXO ******
Inês Ribeiro