Intense Mint Chocolate Mousse

This versatile ganache is smooth, soft and creamy. 
Chocolate mint mousse- bittersweet and addictive – makes for a tasty summer treat.   The kind of treat that’ll make you forget your manners and start licking every last touch of the chocolate minty goodness from your fingertips.   Desserts don’t find their way to our supper table too often – aside from fresh fruit – but I couldn’t resist developing this sinfully easy treat. It’s the kind of sweet that’ll make your children beg and your guests wistfully accept any dinner invitation in hope that chocolate mint mousse might make a reappearance.
Intense Mint Ganache: 
400gr cream 
400gr surfin couverture or Lindt intense mint 
Fresh mint leaves 
Mint extract 
Bring to the boil the cream and infuse the fresh mint leaves or add the mint extract. 
Pour this over the couverture. Mix from the centre to form a core until a smooth shinny ganache has formed. Pour into a shallow container, cover with cling film touching the surface and allow to set at room temperature. 
Or alternatively pour into dessert glasses and allow to set. 
Intense mint chocolate mousse 

150gr water 
100gr sugar 
150gr glucose syrup 
700gr intense mint chocolate lindt
1000gr cream 
Bring to the boil the glucose, water and sugar. Add the couverture to the liquid – mix until a smooth mass is achieved. 
Remove from the sauce pan into a large mixing bowl . 
Then whisk in 1/3rd of the lightly whipped cream (just runnier than soft peaks). 
Fold in the remainder 2/3rd cream. 
Pour into dish or container and allow to set. 
Jelly Base: 

1000gr water
200gr sugar 
24gr gelatine powder 
Mint essence 
Fresh mint leaves 
Heat the water and sugar and infuse the flavour of choise. 
Then add the bloomed gelatine. 
Allow to cool. 
It’s chocolate and it’s mint.
The best dessert for Mint Lovers 🙂 

XOXO *****
Inês Ribeiro