Coriander praline

This praline is great to have as is in a chunky form or blended fine to put into recipes or blended with cocoa butter to be able to cut and enrobe.
The hazelnut coriander combination works surprisingly well.   
600gr Hazelnuts (skinless) 
400gr Sugar 
200gr Water 
      Coriander seeds 

Cook the sugar and water to 114C. 
Add the hazelnuts off the heat and “sand”. 
Place back on the heat and roast gently until all the sugar is caramelized and the degree of roast is achieved. 
Lastly sprinkle in coriander seeds. 
Pour out onto a slipat mat and allow cooling.
Break and blend to a powder in a food blender. 
Love it 😉
XOXO ******
Inês Ribeiro