Chilli Chocolate Mousse

This vegan chocolate mousse is a beacon of hope for even the most self respecting 1000 calorie mousse devotee. 
Everything comes to the party to create the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. 
The cream gives that lovely creamy texture that gets better when set. 
The cocoa adds that vital decadence that is a prerequisite in any great chocolate mousse, and the pineapple and chilli chocolate give it an added 
Just a touch of agave to sweeten the deal, and some chilli for a final kick. 


340gr chili chocolate
60gr 70% cocoa chocolate 
360gr cream 
3 yolks 
2 eggs 
15gr sugar 
60gr honey 


Melt the chocolate – set aside. 
whip the cream to soft peaks. 
Sabayon the eggs and the sugar. 
Bring to the boil the honey and pour over the eggs whilst whisking. 
Mix in the melted chocolate.Then fold in the cream. 

Set in moulds in the freezer and then allow defrosting. 

Decorate with Chocolate and pineapple. 



Inês Ribeiro